Posted by: Rachael | February 25, 2008

absolutely apron

My first ever relationship with an apron was one I sewed for my Grandma when I was eleven. It was a simple “cut a couple of curves out of a tea towel and sew on bias binding”. For the next quarter of a century plus I didn’t own one…and had no intention of ever owning such a Nana item. But a lovely lady who is now in her eighties was coming round one day to teach me the art of bottling peaches and I thankfully asked her beforehand what we’d need. “A sharp knife, your apron and a sink full of hot soapy water to clean up as we go”, she replied. Well, I got myself down to the nearest Big Red Shed to find myself an apron before Aunty V arrived! Needless to say, this was before my I Could Make That days. Before my thrift-shops-are-my-first-port-of-call-if-I-can’t-make-it days. So now I owned a boring navy blue generic apron.
More recently it became pretty as well as functional.

Once *I* started using an apron the children wanted to as well! And they started the mini-craze of homemade recycled aprons in our family. The first was made from an old nappy, some scraps of fabric and a shoelace! Since then there have been a number more, including this darling one.



  1. Goes without saying that I LOVE that apron! (BUt I’ve said it anyway.) I love aprons, full-stop.

  2. Bet you like the plate too!

  3. I wasn’t an apron person till about a year ago (when I got given a pretty cool one – very chef like), and now I use it when I remember – which is usually just after I spill flour down my front….I grew up with a nana who has made aprons for probably every woman she bumped into, and as a child it would sometimes be my job to race around after church delivering them. (many missionaries have been funded on her apron crusade…) she often tried to give me one, but it just wasn’t me – which I knew disappointed her slightly!

  4. Leigh…..go tell her you’ve recognised the error of your ways and that you would LOVE to have one from her – you can tell her I sent you – but whatever you do, don’t tell her I didn’t own one before she came to do peaches;-)

  5. I love the blog name!!! Shows how much we need to catch up Rach, when i don’t even know your last blog is retired and you have had TWO since then! (even if one wasn’t to be!!!)
    Remind me to show you the 106 y/o apron i just inherited! (handmade by my Great Grandmother!

  6. BTW, i love that photo of ER licking the beater! In our house they are called LICKERS!!!

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