Posted by: Rachael | February 23, 2008

Sorry Father Bear. Truly.

I’m updating/renewing/totally changing the blog….and it’s barely a week old!

As an afterthought I contacted Sally Fallon, the author of the book whose title I nabbed for my blog title…..just to check that she was OK with it……she was very polite, but not OK. I don’t want to find myself in the middle of a law suit when she gets the phrase copyrighted (not that she suggested I would), so I’m doing the agreeable thing and changing the name. SarahBean gave me the idea, and on a day she was blogging about cupcakes. Very appropriate. She’s not copyrighting anything, so I should be fine.

Father Bear suggested *well fed* and even adopted the persona of some foodie-geek as he nonchalantly mentioned whilst wandering towards the kitchen, “I was just reading on wellfed…..” He thought it sounded good. And it did. You can use it if you like. I’m not copyrighting it.
But when K10 said of *have pinny, will cook*, “It sounds too crafty”, I knew we were on to a winner! A craftie foodie bloggie is just right.

Now I just need a craftie foodie header piccie. Watch that space up there……the silverbeet is going.
UPDATE: the silverbeet is gone……now just need to work out how to overlay a picture of a pinny on top of the thrifted tins!



  1. I’m pretty sure I deserve cookies for that 😉

  2. Cookie Monster says, “Why Not?”
    Send me your real life address!!!!

  3. hee, i was joking 😉

  4. well I wasn’t….you know my email….so send your addy pronto

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