Posted by: Rachael | February 21, 2008

fried green tomatoes

love the movie….never *eaten* fgt….but it has been green tomato time round here today

Green Tomato Chutney

2 1/2kg green tomatoes
6 large onions, grated coarsely
1 1/2kg apples, cored and grated coarsely
1l vinegar (you choose what sort)
20g salt
pinch white pepper
a few cloves
a few chillies
1kg brown sugar or shakkar
500g raisins
250g lemon peel
Boil all together for at least three hours

Tomatoes, Green or Red

1 1/2kg tomatoes, chopped up
4 onions, coarsely grated (of course, you could chop them, but this is much easier when you don’t have a food processor, but do have a grater)
4T salt
Leave 1-2 hours and then pour off liquid

4 large pears, cored and grated or chopped
2 large apples, cored and grated or chopped
2C sultanas
1C dates, chopped
3C brown sugar or shakkar
2t mixed spice
1/2t cayenne pepper
2t ginger, grated finely
3 1/2C malt vinegar
Boil together for 45 minutes with the tomatoes and onion

2t cornflour
1/2C vinegar
Mix to a paste, add and boil until thickened

Chatney Sauce

500g apples, you know how
250g raisins
250g brown sugar, or you know what
600ml malt vinegar
100g ground ginger
50g salt
50g cayenne pepper
50g ground coriander
410g can tomatoes (only if you’re making this in winter – otherwise use lots of fresh ones straight from the garden!)
Boil it all up together until it’s nice and thick.

And while we’re on an Indian theme:

Curry Relish

12 large tomatoes, peeled and quartered (must say I never bother peeling, but I do chop quite small)
4 large onions, coarsely grated
handful of salt
Sprinkle the salt over and leave overnight. Pour off the liquid in the morning.

500g brown sugar or shakkar
5 chillies, chopped finely
Vinegar, to cover
Add and bring to the boil. Simmer 1 1/2 hours.

1T mustard
1T curry powder
2T flour
A little cold vinegar
Mix to a paste, add to above and boil for about 5 minutes

After a few years of making relishes and chutneys and pickles and never finding out what the difference was, I was ready to concoct my own recipe. I made it in the middle of winter and so used tinned tomatoes, but fresh would surely be better. Either way, it’s the best relish we’ve ever had (apart from the chilli kiwifruit one – recipe to come another day).

Rach’s Relish

2kg apples, cored and coarsely grated
1kg raisins
1kg brown sugar or shakkar
1l vinegar
5x 410g tins tomatoes
135g tomato paste
10 onions, coarsely grated
4T mustad powder
4T curry powder
2T ground ginger
1 1/2T cayenne pepper
2T ground coriander
2T cinnamon
1T chilli powder
1 1/2T peppercorns
2t tarragon
1/4C salt
2/3C flour
1/2C water
Boil together (I go for the easy method!)



  1. Don’t know if you realised but the Curry
    Relish recipe is/was Nana Mac’s except that she called it simply Tomato Relish. That’s the recipe I’ve used too.

  2. Oh forgot to say that I only ever boil mine for 30 mins and I add the thickening mix at the beginning. Has turned out OK so far.

  3. Definitely going to try boiling for shorter! Thanks for the tip. And extra-nice to know the recipe is a *family* one.

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