Posted by: Rachael | February 21, 2008

cyber waves ~ chinese whispers

a little old lady rang talkback radio with her favourite icecream recipe……a friend overheard the call and reported it somewhat vaguely on her blog……I nabbed the idea, doubled it and started experimenting…….

whip together 600ml of cream and 2 tins of condensed milk and pour them into a freezer-proof container (this much fits perfectly in a 2l icecream container)
crush up a good-sized (ie large but not king-sized) bar of any chocolate and stir it through – the big bits will sink to the bottom so you could do it in two batches if you wanted to (but I don’t have that kind of patience – nor memory to come back to it, for that matter)
pop it in the freezer and go do something you love to take your mind off it while it freezes

For the record, so far our varieties include peanut-slab-just-like-Sarah-whose-recipe-it-is-(kind-of)-anyway and peppermint in dark chocolate and *caramello* and no chocolate, but yoghurt instead, which tasted divine, but was a dreadfully solid consistency akin to concrete.

Does anyone know how to freeze yoghurt successfully?



  1. The mentioned varieties that we sampled were exquisite……..definitely worth making again…..just not TOO often for the sake of my hips!!!

  2. Does anyone know how to freeze yoghurt successfully?

    you could try gently folding in the same quantity of whipped cream???
    or did you do that…?
    am having a spot of bother working out whether you just used *yoghurt and caramello* or did a wee mix?? X

  3. Oh no Kate not yoghurt and caramello!!!!!!!
    All of them have as a base, condensed milk and cream whipped together…then I added caramello OR peppermint choc OR peanut slabs OR yoghurt. Just the yoggy one was HARD.

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