Posted by: Rachael | February 19, 2008

My Favouritest Ever Muesli

2C sesame seeds
2C pumpkin seeds
2C sunflower seeds
2C cashew nuts
2C coconut
2C bran flakes
2C wheatgerm
2C oatbran
16C rolled oats
Mix all these scrummy dry ingredients together, trying not to nibble.

1C brown sugar (or shakkar)
3/4C raw honey
1C olive oil
Heat together gently until the sugar dissolves and then pour over the dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly. Bake at 180*C until golden brown.

The tightfisted Scot in me then adds another 8C of rolled oats to stretch it further.

And a variety of dried fruits – preferably Dark Brown Not So Pleasant Looking Ones, coz you know they have no nasty sulphates in them!

(This also makes a great topping for icecream or stewed fruit if you need a dessert in a hurry – you gotta love multi-use products).



  1. […] over the next few weeks we picked up enough for everybody. So now we’ll be able to take our favourite muesli and a tub of yoghurt to the airport at six in the morning for our final Kiwi breakfast on take-off […]

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