Posted by: Rachael | February 19, 2008


So we eat porridge most mornings……but on Sundays we have *specials*.
Could be any of the following:

*bacon and eggs (fried or omlette or scrambled or poached or boiled)
*French Toast (Father Bear’s specialty)
*homemade muesli with fresh fruit and yoghurt (recipe coming tomorrow)
*pancakes…with peaches and maple syrup
*pancakes…with banana and bacon
*pancakes…with sugar and lemon juice
*panckes with jam (homemade of course) and whipped cream
*pancakes…rolled with ham and grated cheese, warmed in the oven until the cheese melts (OK so we can never be bothered doing this for so many people, but it’s a nice idea)
*pancakes…stuffed with mashed potato, onions, chives and cottage cheese, served with more fried onions (see above, besides, we never have leftover mashed potato these days)
*bread roll shells stuffed with bacon, onion, mushroom, baked beans and grated cheese (I’ve always liked the idea of this, but always wondered what to do with all that perfectly good bread roll insides)
*corn fritters & fried onions & real tomato sauce
*tortillas filled with scrambled eggs and salsa
*waffles with yoghurt and fruit
*apple fritters and yoghurt


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